Love yourself, and know you’re beautiful and worthy just as you are.

Confidence is about knowing that we are good enough now to start creating the life we dream of. Not when we have lost 20 lbs, earned that promotion, started the new business, or made six figures. It’s accepting who you are and where you are right in this moment.

I help women develop the confidence to make the changes they want to make in their lives. I’m here to help you define your dreams and desires, and start taking grounded yet bold steps towards them. I can help you develop a relationship with yourself where more and more, you recognize that you are beautiful, worthy, capable, and more than good enough. I do this through my one-on-one coaching and empowering photoshoots.

I AM A CONFIDENCE COACH & BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER. I work with women who are ready for a big change in their lives, but are scared to make the leap.
I help them define their desires and develop the confidence to go for it.