mentoring and coaching for makeup artists

Are you tired of living in scarcity and feeling like you have to take every job that comes your way? Are you fed up with clients who think you’re a hired brush, and are trying to low ball you into taking low rates or asking for discounts? OR maybe you’re so stressed out because you’re not attracting clients who you are excited to work with and are happy to pay the rates you desire. It’s time to change all that!

photo by Wendy Yalom

photo by Wendy Yalom

Hi, I’m Melissa Hoffmann!

I’m a makeup & hair artist and certified life coach. I’ve been a working artist for the past 10 years, and I’ve built a successful artistry business from the ground up. When I first became a makeup artist, I had no clue what I was doing. I had just left my corporate job of 7 years, and was going to cosmetology school while I tried to figure out how I could make a living as a makeup artist.

I worked for years doing free jobs, or making $50 a job before I realized I needed to get serious about this business if I wanted to leave the makeup counter or actually make a living from my business. I grew my business to being successful enough to leave behind my job as a counter artist, and being able to support myself, invest in bigger opportunities and travel the world as a makeup artist.

Through my coaching and mentoring, I can help you avoid the years of struggling to find clients who excite you (and are dying to work with you!), pay you the rates you desire, and have a business that fulfills you rather than leaves you depleted and burnt out.

I can help you move past the limiting beliefs and mental blocks that are keeping you stuck doing work you don’t like or not making the money you want to make. I’ll be your guide towards building a brand and an artistry style that you are know for, and people will be lining up to work with you!

Ready to change your business and your life?


Here’s how we can work together:

Private Coaching

We’ll meet every other week by phone for 3 months to access where you are in your business, what your goals and desires are, what’s in the way of you getting where you want to go, and a plan to get there. We’ll explore all the areas of your biz and help you get streamlined, a cohesive brand and presence that will have your dream clients throwing their money at you. You’ll also have email and voxer support in between our sessions. $1200 or 3 payments of $425

Makeup & Hair Workshops

Ready to take your artistry skills to the next level? I can help you fine tune and perfect your makeup or hair skills so you feel confident giving your clients beautiful looks that have them in awe of how they look and are Pinterest worthy. We’ll go over the tools and products you need to be successful and how to have a kit of products you’ll need and actually use and not just sit there collecting dust. 3 hour workshop in San Jose. $500

Portfolio and Website Review

Needing an established artist to review your portfolio and website and help guide you towards making it more eye catching and memorable to your dream clients? I can help you step up your game and help you stand out from the crowded sea of makeup artists so you are known for your style and brand and attract the clients you are dying to work with. 90 minute online session through Zoom. $300


Let your clients see your own beauty and personality shine through with head shots that represent you and your brand rather than follow the typical makeup artist headshot. I’ve been on hundreds of branding shoots and I know what types of images are going to get you noticed and not forgotten by your dream clients. You’ll be photographed by me in the South Bay. Starting at $400

Click the button above to contact me for coaching and mentorship! Not sure what you need but know you need to help to have the business you’ve been dreaming of?

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