Confidence is about knowing that we are good enough now to start creating the life we dream of.

There are points in all of our lives when we know there’s something different – something more for us. But sometimes, even if we know exactly what we want, our confidence doesn’t come naturally.

Somehow we know we want more, and to find the courage and confidence to go for it, but we seem to get in our own way. We feel…

...Guilty or ashamed that we want more, when our lives are good enough as they are, and others have things harder than we do (I should just be grateful for what I have!)

...Insecure, wondering if we’re good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, ambitious enough, dedicated enough, focused enough, capable enough – to pull it off.

...Overwhelmed with how much things might have to change, confusion around what it will take or where to start, or fear of what we might lose (I don’t want to make the wrong decision!)

...Obsessed with caring about what other people think, so every time we think about what we want, we hear our mother / best friend / partner / boss / inner mean girl in our head, and then end up back where we started.

It can be scary to make big changes.

Leaving a relationship, moving to a new city or country, starting a new career, leaving behind a steady paycheck and benefits...all of these things can bring up such big feelings.

But if we don’t overcome the guilt, shame, fear, overwhelm, attachment to other people’s opinions, or ideas of where or who we’re supposed to be, we will end up betraying ourselves and staying stuck.

But here’s the secret:

You don’t have to overcome all those things before you start.

You don’t have to have it all figured out before you start.

You just have to start, and gather confidence along the way.

How do I know this? It used to be my story.

I started my professional career in Pharmaceutical Sales. At the time it felt like a very glamorous job to have: big bonuses, company car and gas card, expense account, huge meetings in Vegas where Bon Jovi plays private concerts for the employees. It seemed like a dream. But after a couple years I began to feel empty inside. I felt unfulfilled, unappreciated, taken advantage of, and disgusted with the management of the company and the greed of the industry.

I became so depressed and stressed out over what to do that I couldn’t get out of bed, and couldn’t keep from bursting into tears all day long. I felt trapped and stuck. I felt beaten down from an industry and boss who was constantly making me feel like I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or motivated enough to be successful at my job. It made me feel that I needed to change who I was to fit the mold of the “perfect rep”.

I knew there was something better for me out there. A career that I LOVED, and felt creatively and personally fulfilled, and like what I was doing was helping people on a deeper level.

I knew I wanted to help women feel good about themselves, because confidence and feeling beautiful was something I had struggled with my whole life. So I became a makeup and hair artist to show women how beautiful they really are.

When I made the leap to leave my corporate career behind, I had no idea what I was doing, or if it would work. But I leapt, and trusted that I would find my way. And it was hard! It was before I had discovered any kind of personal development. I had no mentors, or role models to follow. I had to blindly follow my intuition and drink in anything I could about the beauty industry. And I had to stay focused on my dream and why I was making the change.

7 years later I found myself in a similar place. I had a thriving beauty business, wonderful clients and collaborators, and work that was meaningful and creative. But I was feeling unhappy and stressed out again. I was burnt out from working all the time (you’re always on call as a makeup and hair artist while you’re growing your business), not making the money I wanted to live the lifestyle I dreamed of, and feeling like I could be making a bigger impact in my clients’ lives.

My story..... Your own history of going for it, in spite of all the big feelings

  1. Your history in beauty and photography, and why you love it / what you love most about it

  2. What you noticed working in beauty (we all have the same insecurities, everyone wants to rebook and reschedule, everyone questions how they look, real beauty and confidence is not about what’s on the surface - the most stunning photos are the ones that show who we really are)

Where my client may be

Her pain points

What becomes possible for her

That’s what I’m here to help you do:

  • Define your dreams and desires.

  • Start taking grounded yet bold steps towards them.

  • Develop a relationship with yourself where more and more, you recognize that you are beautiful, worthy, capable, and more than good enough.

Why work with me- (my qualifications and gifts)

What working together looks like-

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