10 Easy Ways to Bring Self Care In Your Life

Self care doesn’t have to be elaborate and expensive. Yes, massages and facials are nice, but sometimes it’s not always possible to include those in our self-care routine all the time. And it shouldn’t be just one day of the week (or month) that you focus on taking care of yourself. (No more #selfcaresundays!) 

Taking care of yourself should be part of your daily routine. We have so much going on, our lives are so full with work, kids, partners, errands, housework, social media….. Most of us are exhausted and running on empty. It’s so important for our mental health and stress levels that we recharge ourselves, and take care of ourselves like we take care of those around us.

Here are 10 easy ways that you can incorporate self care in your life every day. Choose 1, a few, or all to do every day! #selfcareeveryday

1. Meditate. I know, it’s hard to meditate ever day, or just to meditate period because we have too much going on in our brains. But this is exactly why we need to meditate! To calm our brains, slow down, breathe deep and feel connected to ourselves. Whether it’s a few minutes, 5-10 minutes or longer, just do what feels good to you. Set a timer, sit in a comfy place, turn on the Calm App, and close your eyes and breathe.

2. Walk barefoot on the grass. Get out in the fresh air, and enjoy the feel of the earth beneath you. It’s super grounding and helps you feel connected to the earth, and re-centers yourself.

3. Read a fiction book just for fun. Pick something that feels like a guilty pleasure, and find 10 minutes to lose yourself in it. If reading is not your thing then listen to an audio book.

4. Journal. I know this is another one that can be hard, you might feel like you don’t know what to write. The point is to just get your thoughts out of your head and on paper. It releases them and can free up some mental space. And it can also help you create a vision for what you want in your life. I journal every morning on what I want my life to look like, and it helps me to feel like I can accomplish all of my goals.

5. Drink lots of water. Not coffee, not soda, and not La Croix. Just plain water. Most of us are running around dehydrated, and simply drinking more water to hydrate yourself will benefit your health, your skin, your energy levels, and help with over-eating. A good rule to follow is to drink half your body weight in oz. 

6. Go to bed early and get 7-8 hours sleep. Getting enough sleep is so important to our energy levels and feeling sane. And the more sleep we get, the less we have to rely on caffeine.

7. Take a bath. Light some yummy scented candles, grab a book or some relaxing music, throw in some bubbles, put a towel behind your head and just relax. I recommend at least 30 minutes but even 10 will be amazing.

8. Eat some high quality chocolate and savor it. And don’t feel guilty about the calories.

9. Move your body. Dance for 5 minutes to your favorite song. Take a quick walk with your dog. Do 10 minutes of yoga or stretching.

10. Connect live with someone you love that you don’t see every day. Call a friend or family member for a 10 minute chat. Better yet, meet up in person for a coffee or glass of wine. We are so addicted to technology and texting, email, social media that we forget how nourishing it is to connect live with someone.

What are some of your favorite easy ways to show yourself some love and care? What are you committed to trying today? Leave me a comment below.