How to Bring Parisian Girl Style into Your Every Day Style

Hello, dear one!

I hope you enjoyed last week’s post on Parisian Girl Beauty. It was fun to write, and reminisce about my trip.

To continue on with my series on Parisian Style, today’s post is going to focus on fashion.

Before going to Paris, I had no idea what to expect from the residents of this oh-so fashionable city. I’ve seen the posts from Paris Fashion Week, and photos from Instagram and style bloggers. I had this vision that everyone would be dressed up and wearing the most put together outfits. Like they were going to a fancy tea party every day.

But the reality of what I experienced was quite different. The women did look chic and polished. But they looked a lot more casual than I expected, which actually made me love the city even more. Just like their beauty trends of simple and effortless, the fashion trends seemed to follow this rule.

Here are a few of the trends I observed in the women of Paris, and how to incorporate them into your own style.

1. Flat shoes- Paris is a walking city (when you’re not riding the Metro or taking a cab), and most Parisian women were wearing some kind of flat shoes. I saw lots of ballet flats, cool motorcycle boots and booties, and sneakers. In fact, I saw so many women wearing Converse that I was tempted to pick up a pair myself! I did see some embracing the strappy sandal trend, but with the weather so unpredictable even I left most of my summer sandals in the closet. Between the miles I walked every day and the cobblestone streets, it was much easier to wear cute flats than heels. Fashion Tip: Wear cute booties or dressy flats with your jeans, pants and dresses to bring a sense of adventure into your style.

2. Scarves- Scarves were the most popular accessory. Parisian women pair a scarf with any outfit. It’s not only stylish but practical. If you are out and suddenly surprised by a quick rain shower or wind, the scarf helps to keep you warm. And you can always toss it in your bag if it gets too warm outside. Fashion Tip: find a cute, lightweight scarf to add style to any outfit. Anthropologie, Old Navy and Target have great ones!

3. Skinny Jeans- Everyone wears skinny jeans. Dark blue, black, faded, waxed, distressed… I saw all different types. Luckily I love skinny jeans, but they aren’t always flattering on all body types. Most of the time, jeans were cuffed at the bottom too, to show off the flat or bootie. Fashion Tip: If skinny jeans aren’t your thing, you can always get a straight leg jean to give you a similar effect without being too clingy. If you want to try cuffing your skinnies, roll them up twice and tug down. The cuff should hit your leg at the ankle to look cool and not high-water.

4. Cool coats- I saw 2 main types of outerwear- fitted leather jackets and camel colored trench coats. In my opinion they are 2 of the coolest and most classic pieces of outerwear you can own. Even though it was Spring, I learned to carry a jacket every time I went out. You just never knew if your perfect sunny day was going to turn into a chilly, rainy one. Fashion Tip: both of these coats look great with pretty much anything you wear, you can’t go wrong! If you don’t have at least one of them in your wardrobe, I recommend you go out to the mall immediately and pick one up! I’ve even seen cute, faux leather jackets at Target for a really affordable price.

5. Nylons and stockings- French women wear dark nylons and printed stockings under most of their clothes. I saw them under jean shorts, skirts, dresses and even long jeans. While on some it looked a little out of date, others it looked really cute. And there are definitely ways to pull off this trend and make it up your style game. Fashion Tip: find some black or dark stockings that have a cool pattern on them. Wolford has the best ones, but you can find cool ones at Nordstrom or Target too. Wear them under shorts with an interesting top and flats, or under a printed dress to add more intrigue to the outfit.

Paris was fascinating and inspiring to me on so many different levels. I felt like everywhere I looked I found beauty, creativity and inspiration and I wanted to drink it all in. From the culture to the art, the landscape and architecture, and the people, I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to bring a piece of Paris back to you, whether you’ve been there before or only dreamed of it.

I’d love to hear from you now. Have you been somewhere that inspired you so much you wanted to incorporate a piece of that place into your daily life? Have you been to a city or country that had such a memorable style that you brought it into your own style? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


How to Find Your Signature Style

Last week I shared with you my early love of Madonna’s sexy, disheveled, boy-toy style. I was too young to understand or adopt too much of it, but I loved adding fun elements that were age appropriate and still made me feel like a young rock star. As I was writing last week’s post about why you should have your own signature style, I started thinking about how you can figure out what your signature style is. A lot of times we see a celeb or entrepreneur we admire and think that we love the way she looks or the aura she has about her, but we don't know how to get that great sense of style that she has. Sometimes it’s not necessarily about what she's wearing, but really the air of confidence that she’s rocking that we want. That show of confidence that makes us feel like we can do anything. I believe that every woman can have an awesome style that feels true to her, that shows off her confidence, and also how beautiful she is.

So you know that you want to have your own memorable style, but how do you find it? How do you know when it’s right for you, and if you're an entrepreneur, matches your business’ brand? Here are my five tips for finding your own signature style.

1. Think about a time when you felt the most beautiful, confident, and the most like yourself. What were you wearing? Where were you? How were you wearing your hair and makeup? What feelings did you feel about yourself? Get that picture in your mind and think about all the details that made it so memorable and feeling good. You might not even connect to that particular style of clothing and beauty anymore, but you can still bring in how it made you feel into your style today.

2. Identify the pieces of that picture- was there a certain style to what you were wearing? Did you remind yourself of another icon, actress, woman who you look up to, etc. What was it about your clothing that felt sexy, feminine, powerful, confident, or however you want to feel every day.

3. What celeb do you relate to the most and why? What is it about her style, her energy, or her personality that you can relate to? If you love Drew Barrymore's fun and feminine style, then add what you like about her style into your own.

4. Think about what celeb is your doppelganger, or who people tell you you look like the most. What features or characteristics do you share? Is it physical or more personality wise? And of those shared traits, what are you most confident about? Do you have bright blue eyes like Cameron Diaz? Look for photos where her blue eyes pop with the makeup she is wearing, and you can add that into your signature look. Do you have a tiny waist like Sofia Vergara? Choose clothing that is form fitting at the waist and brings out your curves. These are the features you want to highlight and show off.

5. How can you bring all of these feelings, types of clothing and accessories, and attitude into your own personal style? For example, if you feel a connection with Lauren Conrad, then you might bring in loose waves, black cat eyeliner, and a soft pink lip into your beauty style. You could do an effortless looking low chignon with a bold red lip for the evening. You might add in feminine touches to your wardrobe, like flirty dresses and big statement necklaces.

This is just a place to start for finding your own memorable, signature style. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, either a story about the day you felt you looked your best, who you always get told you look like, or what features are you proud of that you want to show off in your style. If you already have a style your known for, please share it with me, and don't forget to let me know how you found your style. And if you like this post, please share it with your friends!


Why Every Woman Should Have Her Own Signature Style

When I was in second grade my mom bought me my first Madonna album (it was the first one she released, still one of my favorites!). I loved that album and would listen to it all the time, and pretty much wore that cassette tape out (totally aging myself here). I was fascinated by her messy hair, thick eyebrows and arms full of black jelly bracelets. My adoration of her continued well into middle school and junior high. I started wearing leggings under my mini skirts, fingerless gloves when my mom would let me, lace ribbons in my hair, and tons of jelly bracelets. If I was old enough to have worn a lace bustier I would’ve been in heaven. I thought Madonna was the coolest chick ever, and I wanted to have her cool style too, or as much as I could get away with.

As I’ve gotten older, my style has evolved from rocker to glamour to my current love of relaxed boho, but I still remember my first realization of a celebrity’s personal style, and the power of having your own style. I’ve been inspired by women who have a definitive style over the years, and have brought different elements of what I liked into my own. I’ve always admired women who know what looks good on them and feel confident to express their personalities with their clothing and makeup, and I have found I feel more confident in myself when I do the same.

Today I'm sharing with you 5 reasons why you should be like Madonna and so many other awesome ladies out there and have your own signature style. And next week I'm going to share with you tips on how to discover what your signature style is.

1. Having a signature style makes you more memorable to others, (and by others I mean your clients and potential clients). Remember when JLo got rid of her bandanas and hip-hop clothes, and became the bronzed goddess she is today? Her star power skyrocketed, and we all couldn’t get enough of her, and still can't. Or Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel hair cut, the most famous haircut of all. Now she’s known for her easy, classic California style and showed us we can be stylish in a simple t shirt and jeans. Both of them are known for their signature style, and so many women follow them and want to be like them.

2. You inspire others with your style and your brand. You look like you have it all, and people want to be like you. Think about some of the icons or girl crushes you admire. It can be for their talents, their good deeds or their work ethics, but I’ll bet you also admire them for their killer clothes, or unique beauty. Nicole Richie is a great example of this. When she left The Simple Life and Paris Hilton behind, she got a stylish makeover and really became known for her smooth and sleek, put together style, with a touch of boho free spiritedness. All of the sudden, people started taking her more seriously, and more career opportunities came up. She started her own fashion empire, and now she's known as a successful business woman with style to be envied.

3. You look and feel more confident. When you feel like you look stylish and put together, you look more confident to others and you feel more confident in yourself. Having a signature look that you love can be a big part of this. Stylish means something different to everyone, so whether you’re rocking a power suit, the latest fashion trend, or a white tee and jeans, the point is to rock a look that feels true to you.

4. People think of you when they think of or see certain trends. Whenever I see a great red lipstick, I always think of Gwen Stefani and her perfect red pout. Or if I see cute, blunt bangs I think of Zooey Deschanel and how no one wears straight bangs like she does. Or if someone is talking about fur vests and glamourous 70’s style I think of Bianca Jagger first for the glamour, and then Rachel Zoe for her modern take on it. But you could be that woman everyone thinks of for the fabulous bold lip or beautiful wavy hair, or killer heels that make every girl drool over.

5. Shopping for clothes or beauty products is a lot easier. You know what your style is, so you know what to look for while shopping. No more hours of wandering around the store, aimlessly trying to find something you like but not sure what you’re looking for. Or buying every new eyeshadow collection at MAC only to come home and realize that creating a purple glitter smoky eye is not you. Having a signature style makes it easier to make a plan to shop and love what you bring home.

Now that I've shared my tips with you on why you should have your own signature style, I'd love to hear from you what having a signature style means to you, or what iconic women influence your style. Leave me a comment below! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends! And keep an eye out for next week's post where I'm going to be sharing some ideas on how to discover what your signature style is.