How to Get Beachy Waves

Last week on the blog I started a new series called How to Get Beachy Hair. If you happened to catch it, I shared with you my favorite Beach Sprays that help you get cool, surfer girl hair. (Click here if you missed it!)

So now that you have your sea salt spray, what do you do with it? If not used right, you can end up with crunchy, gritty hair that’s more grungy than beachy.

This week I’m continuing the series to give you my best tips to get the most of your beach spray and have the most fabulous beachy hair you can get. And to get some inspiration for your new style, I created a pinterest board of my favorite beachy waves. You can check it out here: Beachy Waves Inspiration Board.

To be perfectly honest, most of these styles if not all of them have been created with a curling iron. But I want to share with you tips on how to get beachy hair without use of the iron, as well as how to use the iron for waves.

1. Use your beach spray to give texture and volume, and hold to your hair. If you’re looking for some great texture, volume or hold for fine hair, a beach spray can be great for this. When you get out of the shower, give your hair a light mist over from roots to tips. Sometimes it takes some experimenting to find the right amount, but it’s probably less than you think. Blow dry your hair as usual and then style. Your hair will hold onto styles longer and feel bigger than normal.

2. For air dried beachy waves, brush your hair free of tangles before you wash it. Wash your hair and towel dry it to remove the dripping water from it. Spray your hair with your surf spray from root to tips, lifting hair up so you can reach the underneath sections. Use your hands to scrunch your hair up to help create waves as you are spraying it. A light mist will be enough to coat your hair and add great texture to it. Then let it air dry.

3. To add waves to dry hair that is naturally wavy, lightly mist your hair all over with the beach spray. Scrunch up with your fingers and hold for a few seconds to enhance your waves. Let your hair dry, and then you can pull waves apart a bit to make them piecey. Add a little flexible hold hairspray to keep in place and control frizz.

4. To add waves to dry hair that is straight, use your beach spray to lightly mist your hair all over. Separate your hair into 3-4 sections: one on each side of your head and 1-2 in the back, depending on how much hair you have. Loosely braid each section to about 1-2 inches from the bottom. Let it air dry, or use your hair dryer on low to dry your hair. Once your hair is dry, loosen your braids and shake your hair out. You can finish with a flexible hold hair spray to hold the waves in place and control frizz.

5. To add more polish to your waves, add the curling iron in. You can use the iron to enhance your natural waves you created with the tips above, or use the iron to create all your waves. Take a 1 inch or larger sized curling iron or wand. Take a section of your hair that is about the size of your iron and wrap it around the iron, leaving the ends out. Hold for 5-10 seconds, then release. Pull the ends of the hair down and hold for 5 seconds to relax the wave. Then take another section and wrap it in the opposite direction you did the first. Hold for 5-10 seconds and release, pulling on the ends again. If you’re only going to do a few pieces to keep your hair more natural, choose pieces that are randomly spread out or more on the straight side. Once you’ve finished with the iron, let your hair completely cool. Use your fingers to tousle your hair for volume and to separate the waves. Then spray with a flexible hold hairspray to hold your style and control frizzies.

Beachy waves can be as simple as using the sea salt spray to give your hair a natural wave to spending more time and effort on it for a more deliberate wave. Both are beautiful, and it’s up to you to find your perfect beachy style.

I’d love to hear from you now! What beach hair tips are you going to try tonight? Or what tips have you found gives you the most surf-tastic summer hair? Leave me a comment below!


The Best Beachy Sprays For Hair

Summer is my favorite time for beauty. It feels like just the right season for easy, natural makeup, but also with a pop of something fun to spice things up. And of course bronze skin is a must! I’m sure you could sense from my last email that bronzer is one of my essential makeup products that I can’t live without. 

Summer is also a great time for simple, tousled, beachy hair. And the messier the better in my opinion!

This week I’m continuing with the Summer Beauty theme, but I’m starting a new series on How to Get Beachy Hair. It’s pretty much my every day hair look during the summer, and continues to be popular with celebs and beauty trends.

Sea Salt Sprays continue to be some of the most popular hair styling products. And with all the options out there, it's hard to decide which one is right for you. Today I’m sharing my favorite Beach Sprays to get that cool, surfer girl hair. Because you can’t have beachy hair without a great beach spray!

I love these sprays because I’ve found they all give great texture to your hair to give it that “I just spent the day at the beach” look without getting too dull or gritty.

1. Davines No. 14 Sea Salt Primer for Wizards- I first learned about this sea salt spray in a hair styling class where the instructor had us use this as a setting spray for styling hair. It helps to give hold to styles in fine hair.

2. Sachajuan Ocean Mist- I love Sachajuan products for their light feel and heavenly smells. This beach spray gives your hair great beachy texture with volume and body. or Anthropologie.

3. Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt Infusion- I love that they've added a little a little oil to this sea salt spray to give your hair a little shine with your salty texture.

4. Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray-  A lightweight mist that doesn't add dirty build up to your hair.

5. Phillip B Maui Wowie Volumizing and Thickening Beach Mist- This spray adds tons of volume and thickness to your hair without adding dullness or grit. The smell makes you feel like you're on the beaches of Maui.

6. John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray- I usually don't use drug store products (except for my beloved Loreal Elnet), but I've found this sea salt spray to be great. It helps to create beachy waves and texture without the crunchiness.

7. Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray- Oribe products are always in my top favorites. This spray is a fine mist to add the perfect tousled beachy texture and shine without stiffness.

Are there any sea salt sprays you love that aren’t on the list? Tried one of these already and loved it? Share with me in the comments below!



Tame Your Bead Head: Tips to Conquer Messy Hair

Picture this: your alarm goes off in the morning, at a time that no one should have to get up at. You reach over without opening your eyes and hit the snooze button, and drift off to sleep. 10 minutes later, you hear the alarm again, and in a daze you hit the snooze button again and fall back asleep. Before you even realize it, you’ve hit snooze 5 times and you now have only 30 minutes to get yourself presentable and leave for work to avoid being late, and that’s if your work commute goes smooth. You go into the bathroom, turn on the light, and look in the mirror and gasp when you see your hair. It’s tangled, totally messy, frizzy, and has no volume (or at least not in the places it should!). How are you going to deal with this un-tameable, out of control mess, and still get to work on time? Does this sound familiar to you? This happens to me at least 2-3 times per week! But luckily, I’ve figured out a few tricks to help tame my messy bed head, and I’m sharing them with you today so you can end the cycle of bad hair days! Here are my top 5 tips to help you conquer and embrace your messy bed head.

1. If you want to wake up with beachy, boho waves, take large sections of hair and braid it in a loose french braid before bed and sleep in it. The braid will keep your hair from getting frizzy, or weird parts in the back of your head, plus give you soft waves when you wake up. If you want more of crimped, mermaid look to your hair, you can take smaller sections when you create braid. When you wake up in the morning, shake out the braid and run your fingers through the waves. You can add a light spray of hair spray to hold the style all day.

2. If you tend to wake up with flat, no volume hair, sleep with your hair in a high bun. Gather your hair at the top of you head like you were going to put it in a pony tail. Hold the end out and twist it to make a thick twist, then coil it around the top of your head to create the bun. Secure it with a scrunchie or fabric hair fastener to keep it in place without damaging your hair. The bun will keep it out of your face while you sleep, and give your hair volume when you wake up in the morning and take it down. When you wake up, undo the bun and shake out the twist. Part your hair where you like to wear it, and spray lightly for hold. You’ll have soft, natural looking body and waves.

3. Dry shampoo is your best friend when it comes to embracing bed head. It dries up any oil in the hair, adds texture where you want it, and can spruce up volume and curls from the day before. My favorite dry shampoos are Dry Texturizing Spray from Oribe, TiGi’s Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, and Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo. Part a section of your hair and spray it with the dry shampoo. Do this all along the sides, top and back of your head. When you’ve sprayed each section with the dry shampoo, give yourself a head massage to rub the product in and get major volume. You can comb your fingers lightly through the ends of the hair to tame a little of the tangles, spray with hair spray and lightly scrunch up from the bottom of your hair to add a loose bend to your hair.

4. Another way to embrace your bed head is to tease your hair a bit and go with it. Just roll with that messy, sexy bedhead look. Tease the roots of your hair all around the back and sides to get that sexy, undone look that will take you only 5 minutes. To tease your hair, take a teasing brush, and then take thin, horizontal sections of hair. Start about an inch from the roots and use your teasing brush to scoop down, pushing the hair at the roots down and building a little cushion. You can do this 2-3 times on each section, depending on how much volume you want.

5. Put your hair in a messy side braid. The texture you’ll get from your night’s sleep will add to the sexy, undoneness of the braid. Comb through your hair with your fingers, gather all your hair over one shoulder, and then braid it loosely to the end. Lightly pull on the sections of the braid to make it thicker and messier. You can even pull out a few loose pieces to give it a boho vibe.

I love that messy hair is in style and on trend right now, and with these tips, you can make your endless snooze button pushing and bed head work to your advantage! I’d love to hear from you what your tips are to conquer or embrace bed head! Leave me a comment below, or let me know how these tips have helped your morning routine.