How Life Coach Training Changed My Life

As a makeup and hair artist, I work with a lot of coaches. I’ve done beauty for hundreds of personal branding shoots for life, business, success, and health coaches. Every time I would work with one of these women, I would be amazed at how much they loved their work, and the positive and inspirational vibe I would get just from being around them. I was intrigued to learn more about coaching, but I wasn’t sure it was for me. I was an artist, and I didn’t see how coaching would fit into my business, or if I would be any good at it.

Then last year, as I was preparing to launch my photography business, my dear friend and client Sarah Jenks told me I should consider going through a coach training program. She felt it would really add to my work as an intimate portrait photographer, and help me work with my clients at a much deeper level. Plus, as you can imagine, being photographed, whether you’re in lingerie or fully clothed, can bring up a lot of shit you have around body image. She told me that having training around working with women through these challenges could be really transformative for them, and for myself as a photographer.

I still had doubts as to whether I wanted to be a coach, and if I would be good at it. But I decided to look into a program and learn more about it. A year prior I had talked to my dear friend Katie DePaola about her company, Inner Glow Circle. At the time I wasn’t ready to even think about becoming a coach, but now that I was open I decided to look into it further.

I felt drawn to Inner Glow Circle, or IGC because they were all about creating sisterhood and a supportive, empowering place where you could not only learn to be a powerful coach, but learn the business structures of creating your dream business. After many, many nights of wondering if I could really do this, I decided to jump in.

Going through coach training was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. And not because the material was hard to learn, or there was so much work, or I didn’t enjoy it. But because it brought up all of my shit- all the things I had to face about my self doubts, fears, and negative thoughts about myself. And I had to be vulnerable in front of 9 women I had never met before. It seriously scared the shit out of me. 

I wanted to quit after the first month and go back to my ignoring my issues and fears. But Katie and Olivia, my trainer, were so great and supportive when I told them I wanted to quit. They helped me see that it was my fears and resistance to making changes that was making me want to quit. That by sticking with the training, I could address and release these fears, and make the changes I wanted to make in my life, even if I never even became a coach. They helped me realize that I could walk away from the program, but if I never took any big risks to growth and achieving my dreams, how long would it take me to make these dreams happen, if ever?

It had me realize that I had been playing it safe for way too long, and that I was going to have to shake things up if I wanted to make big, lasting changes for the better in my life. So I stayed in the program, and faced my fears of not doing it right, or not being a good coach, or not being able to help people.

And now, I am SO glad that I did, and got my Life Coach Certification in May. (Woo hoo!). Not only am I certified and trained to coach women to be happier, be more confident, and live more fulfilled lives, but I also learned so much about myself along the way. Because, along with all the training and knowledge you get about coaching, one of the benefits of the program is you get free coaching for yourself!

So here’s what I learned and how becoming a coach changed my life:

  1. It made me get clear on what wasn’t working in my life, and how I wanted to feel about myself. I was able to recognize and voice what wasn’t working anymore, and the negative talk that I had been sabotaging myself with.
  2. It helped me get clear on what I really wanted in my life and to dream big, like really big. I knew I wanted to live a life I loved, but I hadn’t really gotten clear on what that looked like. So I got clear with my vision, and dreamed bigger than I had allowed myself before.

  3. It made me trust myself and my intuition more. I learned that I didn’t have to know a script to use on my calls, or memorize all the right questions. I could trust my intuition on what to ask, and how to guide the session, and it would be exactly what my client needed.

  4. It made me realize all the things I was good at, and feel proud to share my gifts with others. I hadn’t ever thought about what I was good at, and admitted all those gifts out loud. Once I sat down and wrote out all of my talents, I realized that I had a lot to offer my clients, and I was gifted at many things.

  5. It helped me feel more confident in myself and have better self esteem. It helped me realize that I know enough, I am enough, and I have enough, just as I am right now.

  6. It gave me a deeper sense of fulfillment and meaning in my work. Instead of my work being about taking pretty photos, it helped me to guide my clients through a transformational experience, one where they walk away feeling beautiful, confident, and in love with themselves.

Going through my coach training really changed my outlook on myself and my life for the better. Even if I had decided I wasn’t going to become a coach, the training, knowledge, skills, support, and sisterhood would have been worth the investment as a way to grow and uplevel in my life.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a coach, or are a coach and want to deepen your skillset and grow your business, or you want to have deeper tools to use in your corporate job, I invite you to check out Inner Glow Circle. Their Fall training classes start in October.

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If you’re wanting to make big changes in your life, your career, or your existing business, and coaching is something that intrigues you, then check out Inner Glow Circle. It will seriously change your life.



P.s. If you have any questions about the program or my experience with it, leave me a comment below and ask your questions! I’m happy to help answer them as best I can.

*I am a proud ambassador of Inner Glow Circle, and I will receive a commission if you sign up through my link, at no extra cost to you. I only support and recommend products and programs that I have experienced first hand and truly believe in.