Valentine's Day Sultry Makeup Tutorial

Valentine's Day can be such a fun event to get really dressed up for. Whether you're spending it with your sweetie, or your best gal pals, it's a great occasion to wear something that makes you feel gorgeous. And along with the perfect outfit, having a great hair and makeup look can add to you feeling hot and confident.

This Valentine's Day, I wanted to do a makeup tutorial that was different from the soft, romantic looks or red lips that you usually see. I wanted to do a look that was more on the sexy side, and had more fire than sweetness.

I always look to celebrities, fashion and beauty trends and the red carpet for inspiration for beauty looks. While checking out the stars at The People's Choice Awards, I became obsessed with Olivia Wilde's burgundy smoky eye, and thought it would be a perfect look for Valentine's day. I decided that I needed to create a makeup tutorial based on it that I could share with you, so you could bring some of Olivia's sultry heat to your own look for Valentine's Day.

I asked Emily Scott of The Refined Woman to team up with with me for this tutorial, knowing this look would be amazing on her. Plus I knew she would come up with perfect outfit to compliment the look.

Read on to see my tutorial for this Sultry Valentine's Makeup Look below. And don't forget to check out The Refined Woman to see Em's fun and flirty Valentine's Day outfit.

Step 1: Give yourself a fresh looking complexion. Since I wanted the eyes to be the focus, I kept Em's skin looking fresh and light. I used a light to medium coverage foundation, like Nars Sheer Glow on her skin, and used concealer to lighten up under the eyes and cover any spots. Then I applied Dior's Lucky Pink, a soft pink blush on her cheeks to give a little color without overwhelming her look. I finished her skin with a touch of MAC's Soft and Gentle highlighter on the top of her cheekbones to give a little radiance.

Step 2: Create a mauve base on your eyes. I love using a cream eyeshadow as a base for my eye looks. It helps the eyeshadow last longer and look more intense than it would on it’s own. I used Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Color in Amethyst, a warm mauve color, all over the lid and into the crease. Then I took a MAC #217 fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend out the top edge of the shadow so it faded onto the brow bone. I also applied the mauve shadow under her lower lashes and blended it with the same fluffy brush.

Step 3: Apply a burgundy eyeshadow on top of your base. I used MAC’s Cranberry eyeshadow, a gorgeous shimmery burgundy color. Take an all over eyeshadow brush, like the Sephora Pro All Over Color #12 brush and pat your burgundy shadow all over the lid. Then use your base color fluffy brush to blend the top edge of your burgundy shadow. It should fade into your mauve base. Take a smudge brush like the Sephora Pro Smudge #11 brush, dip the tip into the burgundy shadow, and line underneath the lower lashes.

Step 4: Tightline your eyes with a dark brown eye pencil. Line the inside of your top and bottom lash line with a dark brown eye pencil, like Teddy by MAC. When you line the bottom inner lash line, draw a little in between the lashes, like you’re trying to connect them. Then dip your smudge brush into the burgundy shadow and blend the liner so it looks soft and smudgy.

Step 5: Apply lots of black mascara. Give your top and bottom lashes 1-2 coats of your favorite black mascara. I’m loving Benefit’s They’re Real Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara.

Step 6: Finish your look with a pinky nude lip color. I can’t get enough of Aerin’s Rose Balm Lipstick in Perfect Nude.