My 2017 Promise to You!

I've never really been into New Year's Resolutions. I mean, how many times have you set up a list of all these things you resolve to change/do/not do in the new year, and they last about 1 week? And then you're back to your old habits. That's me every year.

One thing I do know though, is I'm hopelessly devoted to serving you this next year.

I've been listening closely to you and my wonderful clients that I serve, and the number one request I get is to help women look and feel like the best versions of themselves.

That's why I declare 2017 to be the year of falling in love with yourself.

That's right! I'm on a one woman mission to help you rediscover what a fabulous and beautiful woman you are, as you are right now. Not minus 10 lbs later, when you make more money, when you have a love partner in your life, when you finally start your own business... but now!

Here's some of the hot stuff you can expect from me in 2017.
- Boudoir and empowering photo shoots with me
- Beautiful photos and inspirational stories about the women I work with
- Tips and ideas on how you can improve your self care and look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside
- Tips on how to prepare and have the best photoshoot experience, whether it's with me or someone else
- A new self reflection visual project I'm working on. The details are a secret right now but I'll be sharing more soon!

I know in 2016 I haven't been keeping up with my weekly letters to you, and I've come to realize that weekly postings are hard for me. So I'm going to be posting here once a month. (There might be extra love notes to send you in the month though.)

In addition to the hot stuff I just mentioned? You can also expect lots of fun, helpful surprises from me. Kinda like this:

A playlist I created on Spotify to help you reconnect to your sexy, feminine side. Listen to you it when you're getting ready for work, a date, or just when you need a reminder of how fabulous you are. You can add it to your Spotify account here: Feelin' Myself. And if you don't have a Spotify account, you can set one up for free! Just go to

I'd love to know YOUR big plans for 2017. Tell me in the comments below.  "In 2017, I am totally committed to _____________ and I'm SO excited about __________."  

I can't wait to hear what gets your heart pumped for next year! Can't wait to rock & roll with you.

Here's to a very Happy New Year!


photo by Majesta Patterson

photo by Majesta Patterson