How to Find Your Signature Style

Last week I shared with you my early love of Madonna’s sexy, disheveled, boy-toy style. I was too young to understand or adopt too much of it, but I loved adding fun elements that were age appropriate and still made me feel like a young rock star. As I was writing last week’s post about why you should have your own signature style, I started thinking about how you can figure out what your signature style is. A lot of times we see a celeb or entrepreneur we admire and think that we love the way she looks or the aura she has about her, but we don't know how to get that great sense of style that she has. Sometimes it’s not necessarily about what she's wearing, but really the air of confidence that she’s rocking that we want. That show of confidence that makes us feel like we can do anything. I believe that every woman can have an awesome style that feels true to her, that shows off her confidence, and also how beautiful she is.

So you know that you want to have your own memorable style, but how do you find it? How do you know when it’s right for you, and if you're an entrepreneur, matches your business’ brand? Here are my five tips for finding your own signature style.

1. Think about a time when you felt the most beautiful, confident, and the most like yourself. What were you wearing? Where were you? How were you wearing your hair and makeup? What feelings did you feel about yourself? Get that picture in your mind and think about all the details that made it so memorable and feeling good. You might not even connect to that particular style of clothing and beauty anymore, but you can still bring in how it made you feel into your style today.

2. Identify the pieces of that picture- was there a certain style to what you were wearing? Did you remind yourself of another icon, actress, woman who you look up to, etc. What was it about your clothing that felt sexy, feminine, powerful, confident, or however you want to feel every day.

3. What celeb do you relate to the most and why? What is it about her style, her energy, or her personality that you can relate to? If you love Drew Barrymore's fun and feminine style, then add what you like about her style into your own.

4. Think about what celeb is your doppelganger, or who people tell you you look like the most. What features or characteristics do you share? Is it physical or more personality wise? And of those shared traits, what are you most confident about? Do you have bright blue eyes like Cameron Diaz? Look for photos where her blue eyes pop with the makeup she is wearing, and you can add that into your signature look. Do you have a tiny waist like Sofia Vergara? Choose clothing that is form fitting at the waist and brings out your curves. These are the features you want to highlight and show off.

5. How can you bring all of these feelings, types of clothing and accessories, and attitude into your own personal style? For example, if you feel a connection with Lauren Conrad, then you might bring in loose waves, black cat eyeliner, and a soft pink lip into your beauty style. You could do an effortless looking low chignon with a bold red lip for the evening. You might add in feminine touches to your wardrobe, like flirty dresses and big statement necklaces.

This is just a place to start for finding your own memorable, signature style. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, either a story about the day you felt you looked your best, who you always get told you look like, or what features are you proud of that you want to show off in your style. If you already have a style your known for, please share it with me, and don't forget to let me know how you found your style. And if you like this post, please share it with your friends!