How To Find Your Beauty Spirit Animal

Last year I discovered the idea of spirit animals. A few friends of mine had signed up to find theirs through an animal totem discovery session, and I couldn't wait to find out mine.

I filled out a questionnaire asking me a few questions about my daily life preferences, and how I relate I relationships (plus some other fun questions), and sent in a couple photos. A week later I got the results of my session. I discovered that the Dolphin was my spirit animal. And once I read the explanation of it, it made perfect sense.

Dolphins are playful, adventurous, and uplifting to others, which I've been told fits me. And they are a reminder of the beauty and joyfulness of life, which I need to be reminded of when I feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Those who believe in animal totems, or spirit animals, feel learning about your animal guide helps you to understand yourself better, and how you relate to the world. You may have similar traits or super powers as the animal. Your animal may teach you how you to play, enjoy life, engage in relationships, and live the life you were meant to live.

A style icon is just like a spirit animal. Just like your spirit animal helps you understand yourself better through the traits they have, your style icon helps you understand what it is about her style or super powers that you identify with and relate to. She can help you understand how to express yourself through your beauty and style, and how to gain confidence through it.

Finding your style icon is a little like finding your spirit animal.

Before finding your guide, you might feel like you're all over the place when it comes to your beauty and personal style. You might be unsure of what feels like you or what looks good on you. So you either try to do the latest trend you see on YouTube and cross your fingers you did it right, or you give up altogether and do the same messy bun you’ve been wearing for a year.

But having a style icon or beauty spirit animal, helps guide you with ideas and inspiration to look your best. It can help you show the best version of you, or even help you discover that version that makes you feel your best. And feeling like you look your best can increase your confidence and help you to really be seen in the world.

So how do you find your beauty spirit animal?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What celebrity/thought leader/woman has a style that you feel drawn to? It could be a celebrity that you buy every magazine she’s featured in. It could be a woman who’s kicking ass in her business. Or your neighbor who you admire every time you see her. It can also be more than one. Look for elements that they have in common to see a pattern.

2. Of these women, do they have similar features/coloring/body type as you? It’s ok if they don’t, but if they do you can take clues from specific colors or types of makeup and clothing they wear.

3. What is it about the woman’s attitude or spirit that you relate to? Is she confident, fierce, life of the party, classy, bold, refined, successful…. Think about what it is that makes you want to be just like her. This attitude probably comes out in the way she dresses and does her hair and makeup.

4. Can you picture yourself wearing her style? Whether it’s long flowing skirts, minimalistic jewelry, bronzy makeup, etc. Imagine yourself in her shoes (literally) and see how it feels.

5. If she’s a celeb or well known, put together a pinterest board of photos you love of her. Make note under each photo of what it is you like about it to remind you.

This board will be your lookbook and personal guide to help you have your own memorable style. It’s not about copying everything your icons wear and do in exact detail, but rather taking elements from their clothes and beauty and incorporating it into your own style.

Now that you have your beauty spirit animal, you use her powers to increase your confidence and expression of who you are!

Once you find her, she may stay with you for several years, or just a season. You might find you want a new beauty spirit animal every year.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What did you learn about yourself by finding your beauty spirit animal? Care to share who she is? How can she help you express your own style and who you are? I want to hear all about it!



p.s. Want to know who my Beauty Spirit Animals are? Right now it’s Blake Lively and Stevie Nicks meet the Olsen Twins. ☺