How to Bring Parisian Girl Style into Your Every Day Style

Hello, dear one!

I hope you enjoyed last week’s post on Parisian Girl Beauty. It was fun to write, and reminisce about my trip.

To continue on with my series on Parisian Style, today’s post is going to focus on fashion.

Before going to Paris, I had no idea what to expect from the residents of this oh-so fashionable city. I’ve seen the posts from Paris Fashion Week, and photos from Instagram and style bloggers. I had this vision that everyone would be dressed up and wearing the most put together outfits. Like they were going to a fancy tea party every day.

But the reality of what I experienced was quite different. The women did look chic and polished. But they looked a lot more casual than I expected, which actually made me love the city even more. Just like their beauty trends of simple and effortless, the fashion trends seemed to follow this rule.

Here are a few of the trends I observed in the women of Paris, and how to incorporate them into your own style.

1. Flat shoes- Paris is a walking city (when you’re not riding the Metro or taking a cab), and most Parisian women were wearing some kind of flat shoes. I saw lots of ballet flats, cool motorcycle boots and booties, and sneakers. In fact, I saw so many women wearing Converse that I was tempted to pick up a pair myself! I did see some embracing the strappy sandal trend, but with the weather so unpredictable even I left most of my summer sandals in the closet. Between the miles I walked every day and the cobblestone streets, it was much easier to wear cute flats than heels. Fashion Tip: Wear cute booties or dressy flats with your jeans, pants and dresses to bring a sense of adventure into your style.

2. Scarves- Scarves were the most popular accessory. Parisian women pair a scarf with any outfit. It’s not only stylish but practical. If you are out and suddenly surprised by a quick rain shower or wind, the scarf helps to keep you warm. And you can always toss it in your bag if it gets too warm outside. Fashion Tip: find a cute, lightweight scarf to add style to any outfit. Anthropologie, Old Navy and Target have great ones!

3. Skinny Jeans- Everyone wears skinny jeans. Dark blue, black, faded, waxed, distressed… I saw all different types. Luckily I love skinny jeans, but they aren’t always flattering on all body types. Most of the time, jeans were cuffed at the bottom too, to show off the flat or bootie. Fashion Tip: If skinny jeans aren’t your thing, you can always get a straight leg jean to give you a similar effect without being too clingy. If you want to try cuffing your skinnies, roll them up twice and tug down. The cuff should hit your leg at the ankle to look cool and not high-water.

4. Cool coats- I saw 2 main types of outerwear- fitted leather jackets and camel colored trench coats. In my opinion they are 2 of the coolest and most classic pieces of outerwear you can own. Even though it was Spring, I learned to carry a jacket every time I went out. You just never knew if your perfect sunny day was going to turn into a chilly, rainy one. Fashion Tip: both of these coats look great with pretty much anything you wear, you can’t go wrong! If you don’t have at least one of them in your wardrobe, I recommend you go out to the mall immediately and pick one up! I’ve even seen cute, faux leather jackets at Target for a really affordable price.

5. Nylons and stockings- French women wear dark nylons and printed stockings under most of their clothes. I saw them under jean shorts, skirts, dresses and even long jeans. While on some it looked a little out of date, others it looked really cute. And there are definitely ways to pull off this trend and make it up your style game. Fashion Tip: find some black or dark stockings that have a cool pattern on them. Wolford has the best ones, but you can find cool ones at Nordstrom or Target too. Wear them under shorts with an interesting top and flats, or under a printed dress to add more intrigue to the outfit.

Paris was fascinating and inspiring to me on so many different levels. I felt like everywhere I looked I found beauty, creativity and inspiration and I wanted to drink it all in. From the culture to the art, the landscape and architecture, and the people, I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to bring a piece of Paris back to you, whether you’ve been there before or only dreamed of it.

I’d love to hear from you now. Have you been somewhere that inspired you so much you wanted to incorporate a piece of that place into your daily life? Have you been to a city or country that had such a memorable style that you brought it into your own style? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.