Get Bold With Your Look

A few weeks ago I had a boudoir shoot with a new client named Teresa. As I’m working with a new client, doing their hair and makeup, I love to learn more about them and who they are. Teresa shared with me that she’s a Physical Therapist who is opening her own practice soon, but used to work for a larger corporation. We talked about how she loved what she was doing and how she was helping patients’ health improve.

I always ask my clients how they normal day-to-day routine for their hair and makeup. It gives me a sense of how comfortable they are with makeup and allows me to craft a look for them that makes them feel beautiful but still like themselves.

When I asked Teresa this question, she told me she doesn’t wear much makeup, especially not at work. In fact, she tries to make herself as unattractive as possible. When I asked her why, she said that when she used to do her makeup for work, she would get hit on a lot by some of her male patients. Their behavior made her uncomfortable and interfered with her ability to focus on their treatment. She found it was just easier to not spend any effort on her appearance so these patients would not see her as an attractive female but as a physical therapist.

Teresa’s story is one I hear all the time, and I think so many women can understand! I know I can relate!

We’re afraid to be attractive because of negative attention we may receive. We’re afraid to stand out, so we hide our beauty. We’re afraid to express ourselves with our style, or our clothes and makeup, because others might say belittle us. We may let other people’s negative reactions, or the possibility of these negative reactions, prevent us from shining and expressing ourselves with our beauty, our style and our femininity.

I want women to not let this fear or negativity stand in the way of them expressing themselves with their beauty. I believe that when women spend more time and energy on themselves and their beauty routine, they feel more confident and amazing in their own skin. This is my wish for you, dear one: be bold, be fearless, be sexy and feminine, and be beautiful. Be that girl who doesn’t care what others are saying about her appearance, even if it feels edgy. Because you are a unique and gorgeous woman, and the world needs you to show it off!

I know you probably have some ideas of how you can shine that you’ve been dying to try, but maybe have been afraid to try out. In case you need a few ideas, I’m sharing with you some of my favorites. Pick one, a few, or all of them to show off your bold beauty!

  • Put on a bright lipstick. The brighter the better.
  • Rock electric blue cat eyeliner.
  • Wear large, colorful feather earrings.
  • Wear a fun, chic hat.
  • Wear a red dress.
  • Strut your stuff down the cement catwalk in gorgeous heels.
  • Wear big, fabulous cocktail rings on all your fingers.
  • Smile and wink at a stranger. (Not really a beauty tip, but I’ll bet you’ll feel really sassy after!)
  • Wear sexy lingerie under your work clothes.
  • Wear smoky eye makeup during the day.
  • Style your hair big and voluminous. Like you’re Beyonce on her world tour.
  • And speaking of Beyonce, wear fun, metallic Flash Tattoos. The more the better.
  • Wear bad ass leather pants.
  • Paint your nails in a color you would normally never wear.
  • Wear a jeweled, boho headband.
  • Wear sparkly eye shadow.
  • Follow the color blocking trend and wear 2 different bright colors together. I love coral and blue together, or purple and red.

I’d love to hear from you what your favorite ways to be bold with your look are. What are you dying to try out but have felt too nervous about showing off? Let me know in the comments below!