Finding Your Beauty Ritual

Last month I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a relaxing retreat with my Freedom Mastermind sisters. We spent an amazing 5 days together, dreaming up new ideas for our businesses and enjoying deep conversations about trusting our intuition and listening to our desires.

We spent a day at Ojo Caliente, a gorgeous, mineral springs spa where we indulged in massages, dips in the mineral springs pools, and mud baths. It was the most luxurious spa experience I’ve ever had.

After a relaxing day at the spa, we all headed to the locker room to get ready for our dinner reservations. All 17 of us girls were crowded around the locker room’s large mirrors, giggling, blow drying and styling our hair, putting on makeup, and borrowing products from each other because we had either forgotten our own or saw something we liked better. I seriously had the best time in that hour that we all spent together getting ready, more fun than I did at dinner!


It brought be back to the days of when I was in college and my roommates and I would go out to our favorite bars and clubs every weekend. We would get together in one of our bathrooms, play our favorite music loud, and enjoy a cocktail (okay, sometimes it was more than one!). We’d try on our outfits, and do our hair and makeup together. Many times I would be the one doing my friends’ hair or makeup. We’d dream about what could happen that night, what boys we would meet, and the fun we’d have. We’d create this really fun experience of enjoying time together, and often it was more fun than the night out on the town.

When I first moved out by myself, I continued this ritual on my own when my friends and I would go out. I’d play my favorite music as loud as I thought was possible without getting complaints from the neighbors. I'd fix myself a cocktail, and plan out my clothes, hair and makeup based on the mood I was in and how I wanted to express myself. If I wanted to feel edgy and seductive, I would often wear a sexy black outfit and do a serious smoky eye. If I wanted to feel more playful, I would wear something bright and fun, and do bright eye shadow on my eyes to compliment my outfit. And if I wanted to feel more feminine and girly, I would wear a pretty dress and go a little more natural with my makeup but still wear a pop of color on my lips.

Having this ritual helped me get in tune with my feminine side and express how I wanted to feel and be seen. It also made me feel more beautiful and confident, which as an introvert, is not always easy. After spending a stressful week at a job I didn’t love, it was a great way to add pleasure into my life and enjoy spending time with my girl friends.

I realize now that having this ritual of making myself look and feel pretty was important to enjoying my life and feeling good about myself.

I’m not saying that you need to have alcohol and bars in your life to have pleasure, but I think it’s important to create a ritual to pamper and adorn yourself in beauty to feel feminine and amazing.

These days, my ritual is pretty similar to the one I had when I was younger. And I recognize that when I do indulge in my beauty ritual, I feel so much more confident than when I hurry through getting ready for my day.

Here’s a little sample of what my beauty ritual looks like:

  1. I turn on my favorite music. I enjoy listening to music while I get ready for the day. Lately I’ve been enjoying Sia and Haim.
  2. I lotion up after my shower! I lovingly massage my favorite body lotion all over my skin so it feels soft and glows.
  3. I grab a beverage. In the morning I make myself a cup of tea or if it’s night, I may have a glass of bubbles.
  4. I dry my hair. I blow dry my hair and then pull it back with a clip so it’s out of my face. I don’t style my hair until after I do my makeup.
  5. I apply my makeup. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on where I’m going. For a night out it may be a little longer.
  6. I style my hair. I’m really into beachy waves, so my favorite style is waving my hair with my curling wand and then teasing the roots for volume.
  7. My last step: getting dressed! I pick an outfit I love and adorn myself with my favorite jewelry.

When I walk out the door I always feel fantastic because I created a beautiful experience for myself.

I’d love for you to create a fun experience for yourself while getting ready for your day, or a night out, if you don’t already have one. Try it for a week and notice the difference it makes in your mood and your self-confidence!

I’d also love for you to share what your beauty ritual is in the comments below. What is it that you can do to make you feel amazing when you start your day? Or share how you felt when you started a new ritual for yourself

Taking care of yourself is one of the best ways I know of to increase your self-confidence and feel amazing. If you know of a friend who could use some fun and self-care in her life, please share this post with her.