5 Easy Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Younger

One of the most common things I get asked by my clients is what they can do to look younger. Our society is obsessed with youth, and looking young, and so many women are on a holy quest to find the newest and best creams, serums and gadgets to help them achieve this fountain of youth. I admit that I am a little obsessed with looking younger. I always get really excited when I get carded or told I look 10 years younger than I actually am, like it’s the best day in the world. I’m sure those of you over 30 can totally relate!

I know for myself, when I feel like I look younger, and look good, I feel more confident and good about myself. It’s almost like I feel 10 years younger than I actually am, and have the energy of my 20 year old self with the wisdom of my 37 years. I want to share these tips with you to help you feel more confident in yourself, because when you do, you’ll show up more in your relationship, friendships, your business, and your life.

Makeup is a great way to achieve your goal of looking younger, without having to go to more drastic and costly measures of needles and expensive treatments. There are so many different makeup tricks you can do to achieve that youthful glow, but here are my top 5 favorites that are staples in my daily makeup routine.

1. Have color on your lips. As we get older, our lips lose their pink color and can become washed out looking. Adding some color to them is a great way to brighten your face. You can go a more natural route of using a lip stain to darken them, or use your favorite rosy colored lipstick to give them color. Look back at pictures when you were younger to match the color of your youth, or go with one that makes you feel good.  Lips can also get thinner with age, so you can cheat your lip shape by slightly overdrawing your lips, and adding a highlight above your cupid’s bow with a shimmery champagne colored shadow.

 2. Fill in your brows. When I was younger, my brows were so thick and dark they looked like caterpillars, and I was so embarrassed by them I would pluck and pluck away at them, trying to get rid of the uni-brow and look more like Drew Barrymore’s pencil thin arches. Now I would love to have them back! Yours may not have been as thick and dark as mine, but I’m sure you’ve noticed that they don’t look quite the same as they did when you were young. The color of your brows fades as you get older, and the hair and shape gets thinner. You can fix this and get back your brows of high school by adding in a little color and thickening them up with a brow pencil, powder, or colored wax.

 3. Have dewy looking skin. Dewy, hydrated skin looks youthful and luminous, and is on trend right now for beauty. Make sure your skin is super hydrated by using a good moisturizer for your skin type morning and night. Use a foundation or tinted moisturizer that uses words like hydrated, glow, radiant, illuminating, creamy, moisturizing, etc. These are all words for a foundation that is going to give you that beautiful, fresh looking skin. Skip the powder, unless you need in in your t zone to control oil, and then use it lightly. You can also add in a cream or liquid highlighter at the tops of your cheekbones to increase the dewiness factor.

 4. Give yourself a rosy glow with blush. I love cream blush to go with dewy skin, but you can also use a powder one if that’s what you prefer. Having a rosy glow on your cheeks brings life into your face and makes you look healthy.

 5. Make your lashes look long and full. Have you ever noticed how children have the most beautiful eyelashes? Make yours look just as good by curling your lashes and applying 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara. You can also line underneath your top lashes, as close to the lash line as you can, with a black eyeliner. By connecting your lashes you’ll make them look even fuller, and give your eyes a doe- eyed look (I call it the Bambi effect!).

These are some of my favorite makeup tricks to take years off your look, and I’d love to hear from you what your favorite tricks are to look younger. Leave a comment below to share with me your favorite products and tips for a younger makeup look! And please share with your friends if any of these tips helped you get carded more!